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Flower Care

You received a beautiful box of flowers.

Now what?

Flower delivery




Prepare a vase for your flowers. Make sure the vase is well cleaned (use bleach if necessary) because any bacteria in your vessel will decrease the lifespan of your flowers. 




Flower delivery


As soon as you can, untie our pretty bow to easily remove your flowers from the packaging. (You can save the satin bow for later use.) Remove the hydration wrap, rubber bands, and hydration solution packet. 


flower delivery flower care




Using sharp scissors or shears, trim at least 1/2″ off of each stem on a diagonal line (to maximize the cut surface area for water absorption). If possible, trim roses while they are submerged in warm water.


flower delivery flower care


Strip the stems so that no leaves will be under water in your vase. (Leaves in water will decay and decrease the life of your flowers.) 



Flower care




Place flowers in fresh water mixed with our hydration solution powder. They’ll soak up a lot of water in the first day and they should perk right up after their shipment.  Some flowers–like peonies and tuberose–are shipped as closed buds to protect them during transit, but they should open up in a couple days.


flower delivery flower care


Place your arrangement out of direct sunlight. (Warm sunlight will typically decrease the vase life of your flowers, but it will help closed peony buds bloom if you want them to open more quickly.)




Continue to trim the stems and replace the water every couple of days to extend the life of your bouquet.


Flower delivery flower care


If you want to get a second life out of your bouquet, you can dry the flowers. (This is especially effective for the eucalyptus you’ll find in many of our bouquets.) Before the flowers are completely done: take them out of the vase, dry the stems off, tie them together, and hang them upside down. After a couple days, your flowers will be completely dry and ready for a dried arrangement. You can put them in a dry vase or add them to a wreath.


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