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Time to polish
that armor and
deliver on your
best intentions

Time to polish
that armor and
deliver on your
best intentions

Epic bouquets for $59, $79 or $99. Delivered nationwide.


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  • What is the price of a bouquet?

    We offer three price points for each bouquet: $59 [Great], $79 [Better], and $99 [Baller]. Each bouquet is the same, just bigger, because size matters.

  • What’s the difference between the Real Man Flower Plan and a single bouquet?

    The Real Man Flower Plan is our tailored subscription plan to help you sort out all of your occasions for the year. Just select a minimum of three bouquets–or up to eight if you’re feeling manly–and this will unlock free nationwide shipping. You can also send a single bouquet anytime to anywhere in the U.S. without subscribing, you’ll need to pay a flat rate shipping & handling fee for this one.

  • Does it come with a vase?

    No. She has plenty of vases. Trust us, the flowers are what matter.

  • What if I don’t know the exact date?

    Don’t worry if the specific date’s slipped your mind–you’re a busy man. Just give us a ballpark estimate (it’s safer to guess earlier), and we’ll send you a tap on the shoulder when the big day is coming up.

  • How do you deliver?

    We offer overnight delivery Tuesday through Friday. If your special occasion falls on a Saturday – Monday, we’ll deliver the Friday before.

  • What’s the cut off time for next day flowers?

    Cutting it close? Order by 10am ET the day before your desired arrival date for next day flowers. Deliveries are available Tuesday through Friday.

  • Are the flowers exactly as shown in the photo?

    Every bouquet is carefully curated by women with the best eye for such things. But we are dealing with flowers and availability, and seasons change. If they don’t look identical, they will look very similar, with any substitute being of equal or greater quality. We may need to swap eucalyptus for ruscus, roses for peonies, lavender for rosemary… Will you notice? No. Will she care? No. They’ll be awesome.

  • Will I feel less “manly” after buying flowers?

    The exact opposite… Buying flowers will empower you. Like Popeye and his spinach, it will give you strength. Just look in the history books and you will find the best of us used flowers in their armory. Chivalry is not dead–we’ve brought it back to life.

  • Can I send flowers for a different occasion than what it says?

    Absolutely! Our ‘Occasions’ are suggestions to help reduce decision fatigue, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change it up, send a specific bouquet for a different reason. The occasions aren’t labeled anywhere in the shipment, so she won’t know you sent her the I Screwed Up bouquet for her birthday.

  • Can I cancel?

    Life happens. Things change… we get it. You can cancel your order for a full refund up until 11:59pm ET the night before it ships.



As you have selected a date that falls Saturday - Monday, your order will be delivered on Friday [insert date]. Don't worry, getting flowers early is awesome.