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How it works

Subscribe and sort your flowers out for the year in under 4 minutes.

Simply select the occasions you want to send flowers (minimum of 3) and we’ll give you free shipping for being organized.

Then we’ll take care of sending perfectly curated bouquets for your woman and the occasion so you can go back to being awesome. Make sure you choose at least one ‘Just Because’ bouquet because women love flowers, but they love surprise flowers more.

Choose your size

It’s been said that it’s not the size of the nail, it’s how you hammer it in. This goes for flowers as well. Choose your bouquet size – Great, Better, or Baller.

Enter the dates

Don’t worry if the specifics have slipped your mind–this is the exact reason Facebook was invented. You can always guestimate earlier, because we’ll be reaching out prior to sending the flowers anyway and you can confirm the date and other details at that time.

Enter the address

While this is pretty self explanatory, perhaps think about sending a bouquet to her work. Making her coworkers jealous increases the power of flowers up to 73% (based on no scientific evidence).

Just before the date

Before the flowers are set to hit your special target, we’ll send you a reminder that they’re coming. You’ll have an option to craft a card or choose from one of our elegant little ditties, ’cause mushy words are hard.

We’ll even add a little blurb about the flowers so you roll in like a pro.

The delivery

We’ll arrange the flowers the day before, package them to perfection, and overnight these powerful bouquets to your special person’s door. Don’t worry, we use an awesome hydration product that’ll make sure her flowers are super fresh.

Bask in the glory

Finally, sit back and bask in the knowledge that you’ve just leveled up your game. You’re a real man now.

No obligations. Cancel anytime.

Life happens. Things change. We get it. That’s why we only charge your card for your flowers as they ship. You can cancel anytime.

We’ll be sorry to see you go, and we hope it’s not because she’s allergic to flowers.

If you’re now looking for break up flowers, then we’re truly sorry because we can’t help with that. But hey, at least there’ll be a fresh opportunity to try out those Get Lucky Time flowers in the future… #silverlining

what real men
are saying

I dread buying flowers online, and it's even worse going to a florist. I feel like such an imbecile. I know nothing about flowers, but I know my wife loves them. RMBF has eliminated the guesswork--every bouquet is a winner.

Trevor King

I am hopeless with dates--last month I missed my Mom's birthday. The subscription option is so good and I don't know why someone hadn't thought of it sooner. I can sort all my flowers for the year, and I get a reminder for when the flowers are coming. Genius.

Bret Chevrier

I was so surprised by these flowers, I had to find out where they came from. The box and paper it arrives in are stunning, and my bouquet had three of the most beautiful peonies I'd ever seen. He can give me subscription flowers anytime.

Jesse Arifien

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