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What’s the Occasion?


Your first date, your first kiss, the day you said “I do” or maybe the first time you said “I love you”. view

Any woman,
any occasion.

These flowers will work for anything. Your sister, colleague, a sick aunt in the hospital, a funeral, a friend. Whoever they are and whatever the occasion - these flowers will be perfect. view

Get lucky

Sexy flowers that tell her you want to get it on. view

Her birthday

The day she was born and became the exceptional human she is today. Celebrate her. view

I screwed up

You made a mistake, you’re in the dog house. Say “I’m sorry.” view

Just because

You don’t need a reason to send flowers. The most important occasion of the year is no occasion at all. view

Valentine's day

Essential flower sending day. Don’t miss it. view

Mother's Day
(Your mom or baby mama)

You see all she does. Let’s face it, it astounds you. Show her that with flowers. view

“Trust us, we have the perfect flowers for this occasion.”

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Why these flowers for this occasion?

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Anniversary, Any woman, any occasion, Get lucky, Her birthday, I screwed up, Just because, Valentine's day, Mother's day (Your Baby Mama)


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We have the answers
How it works
  • What is the price of a bouquet?

    We offer three price points for each bouquet: $59 [Great], $79 [Better], and $99 [Baller]. Each bouquet is the same, just bigger, because size matters.

  • What’s the difference between the Real Man Flower Plan and a single bouquet?

    The Real Man Flower Plan is our tailored subscription plan to help you sort out all of your occasions for the year. Just select a minimum of three bouquets–or up to eight if you’re feeling manly–and this will unlock free nationwide shipping. You can also send a single bouquet anytime to anywhere in the U.S. without subscribing, you’ll need to pay a flat rate shipping & handling fee for this one.

  • Does it come with a vase?

    No. She has plenty of vases. Trust us, the flowers are what matter.

  • What if I don’t know the exact date?

    Don’t worry if the specific date’s slipped your mind–you’re a busy man. Just give us a ballpark estimate (it’s safer to guess earlier), and we’ll send you a tap on the shoulder when the big day is coming up.

  • How do you deliver?

    We offer overnight delivery Tuesday through Friday. If your special occasion falls on a Saturday – Monday, we’ll deliver the Friday before.

  • What’s the cut off time for next day flowers?

    Cutting it close? Order by 10am ET the day before your desired arrival date for next day flowers. Deliveries are available Tuesday through Friday.

  • Are the flowers exactly as shown in the photo?

    Every bouquet is carefully curated by women with the best eye for such things. But we are dealing with flowers and availability, and seasons change. If they don’t look identical, they will look very similar, with any substitute being of equal or greater quality. We may need to swap eucalyptus for ruscus, roses for peonies, lavender for rosemary… Will you notice? No. Will she care? No. They’ll be awesome.

  • Will I feel less “manly” after buying flowers?

    The exact opposite… Buying flowers will empower you. Like Popeye and his spinach, it will give you strength. Just look in the history books and you will find the best of us used flowers in their armory. Chivalry is not dead–we’ve brought it back to life.

  • Can I send flowers for a different occasion than what it says?

    Absolutely! Our ‘Occasions’ are suggestions to help reduce decision fatigue, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change it up, send a specific bouquet for a different reason. The occasions aren’t labeled anywhere in the shipment, so she won’t know you sent her the I Screwed Up bouquet for her birthday.

  • Can I cancel?

    Life happens. Things change… we get it. You can cancel your order for a full refund up until 11:59pm ET the night before it ships.



Don’t let this moment slip by; this is another opportunity to deliver on your best intentions.

And don’t worry if the specific date’s slipped your mind. You’re a busy man—just give us a ballpark guestimate (it’s safer to guess earlier) and we’ll send you a tap on the shoulder when the big day is coming up.

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If you only give flowers on a special occasion, then you’ll slowly diminish the power of this secret weapon.

92% of all women say their favorite reason to receive flowers is for no reason at all. This is by far the most powerful tool in your arsenal because it goes beyond merely meeting her already high expectations for you and reaches something far more esoteric; that somewhere out in this big bad world, randomly, she’s being thought of.

With great power comes great responsibility. Use it wisely.  

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Flowers are the perfect accouterment (that’s French, don’t pronounce the last T) to any birthday gift. This is a seriously underestimated coupling and the perfect way to make the day about her.

Consider sending these to her work; catch her unaware and make her work colleagues jealous that she has such a thoughtful man in her life. You’ll be golden.

But don’t forget that on a birthday, flowers are just the frosting, not the cake. Cook her breakfast in bed, give her a gift, and take her to dinner. And don’t forget the cake.

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You’ve been on three dates, and they’ve gone exceedingly well. You haven’t met a girl like this in a long time, and she might just be a keeper.

Or perhaps you’ve been together for many years and you want to spice things up in your relationship.

Let the girl know you like her (or remind her how much you do) with a Get Lucky bouquet.

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I screwed up

We all screw up, but it’s how we respond to our shortcomings that make the biggest difference. Maybe you forgot that special occasion. Perhaps you refused to ask Siri for directions and missed your dinner reservation. Or maybe you’re just in hot water.

Whatever the problem, we’ve got you sorted with this overnight, get-out-of-jail-free card. All you need to do is determine how deep the hot water is. On the next screen, you’ll be asked to choose a size. Here are our recommendations:

Choose the “Great” size if she says she’s fine but that’s not true. Choose the “Better” size if you’re on day 3 of the silent treatment. Choose the “Baller” size if you’re getting back spasms from sleeping on the sofa. 

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This is the day of days, the most competitive day in the flower game, and if you wait until the day of, you’ll be walking home with an overpriced bunch of wilted disappointment. Seriously, don’t screw this one up. Valentine’s Day is all about preparation; luckily you’re already at the right place.

Make this your Valentine’s Opus.

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Any Woman.
Any Occasion,

These flowers are for your mom, aunt, sister, friend, coworker, or friend’s-cousin’s-sister-just-had-ababy. They’re for your secretary, Realtor, or neighbor who kept your mail while you were on vacation. It’s basically the universal bouquet that will put a smile on anyone’s face for any reason at all.

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Mother's Day
(Your Mom)

Seriously, this woman raised you into the man you are today. Don’t rest on your laurels and assume that being mama’s little boy is enough. It’s time to pay it back with some petaled love.

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Mother's Day
(Your Baby Mama)

She might think you haven’t noticed the little things she does to make your relationship work and your children happy… but you know your baby mama is a superhero.

With a few clicks, you can send her a bouquet that says, “I see you and all you do for our family.” (It’d be sweet if you told her that with words, too.)

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As you have selected a date that falls Saturday - Monday, your order will be delivered on Friday [insert date]. Don't worry, getting flowers early is awesome.