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Co-founder & CEO

Gillian’s inspiration for Real Men Buy Flowers came at a truly unexpected place and time… a Saturday evening watching Netflix and the new Jerry Before Seinfeld stand up special.

The best comedy always contains an element of simple truth that is executed exceptionally and no one does that better than Jerry Seinfeld, who spends 2 minutes in his routine discussing the power of flowers and how the floral industry needs to be redesigned for men.

The more Gillian spoke to men, the more she realized that they really did want to make their partners happy, they did want to send flowers, but the process was just too overwhelming for them.

Real Men Buy Flowers is not a huge brand departure for Harper after successfully building male-dominated businesses in the home services and home improvement spaces for the past 20 years. She also started her career as a finance attorney in a top tier firm in Australia and practiced for several years. She has now fully recovered from that experience.

There is always one pre-requisite for any business that Gillian grows, the product or service must deliver on a noble purpose. Our Noble Purpose at Real Men Buy Flowers is “To help men deliver on their best intentions “. Gillian has always loved flowers – particularly receiving them, her only frustration is that she didn’t receive them enough from her husband. Now he has no excuses.

We know our husbands, boyfriends and partners truly want to make us happy and find small ways of showing us how much they appreciate all that we do.  So what we want to do at Real Men Buy Flowers  is make that easier for them.  Even though men think we are complex creatures, we are usually not that complicated and it is the simple, little things, that truly make it clear that we are thought of and cared for.
Gillian Harper
Co-founder & CEO


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