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Co-Founder & Curator of Flowers

Kenan’s background as a formally trained artist contributes to her eye for detail, composition, and color. Photography and painting are her main media, but the training extends to many things, including plating dishes of food and, of course, arranging flowers.

Whether she’s teaching people how to set a beautiful table with florals, working in her own garden (thousands of people tune into her weekly Instagram garden updates), or painting exquisitely detailed flowers on canvas, Kenan keeps finding her way to flowers.

Kenan’s organically-styled floral designs have been featured at weddings, events, and dining experiences across the U.S.

I love flowers, and I love receiving flowers as a gift. But I’ve heard every excuse in the book from my hardworking husband about why he doesn’t have time to buy them for me. That’s why co-founding Real Men Buy Flowers is a joy: I’m helping men like my husband get out of the dog house and helping women like me receive top notch flowers.
Kenan Hill
Co-Founder & Curator of Flowers


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