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Co-Founder & Man of Tales

After four years and two film schools, Tony found himself as a filmmaker and commercial director. With two feature films, Legacy and The Pretend One, and a host of advertising awards including a Cannes Lion, Tony has the scope and capability for both long and short form filmmaking.

With a strong understanding of the advertising industry and a few viral hits on the resume, Tony moved to Los Angeles from Australia where he teamed up with long time friend Gillian Harper to found Real Men Buy Flowers as the ‘Man of Tale”.

Tony is a hopeless romantic. Yes, he loved The Notebook. Maybe it’s because he’s had a few great loves in his life, or maybe his insides are made of melted marshmallow, whatever the case he’s a sucker for a good love story.

That’s why he Co-Founded Real Men Buy Flowers:

I love the idea of bringing the romance to relationships, helping guys act on their best intentions, to be better men, because buying flowers is hard for a guy. So if we can help just one man find his inner Patrick Swayze from Dirty Dancing and knee slide across the floor ‘metaphorically’ with the perfect bouquet, then we’ve done our job — Cue ‘She’s like the wind’.
Tony Prescott
Co-Founder & Man of Tales


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